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On the 2017-15-04, Hellshaker will open up for no less than Kee Marcello at Palatset in Linköping sweden. Be shure not to miss this gig if you are near by. Tickets avalible at www.tickster.com .

Hellshaker  goes to Tjeck republic and Slovakia, some dates during the tour  will posibly pop up also in Poland. Will just se about that. Tour will start 04/11 in Tjeck Republic and end in Stockholm Sweden 19/11. Tjeck the tourplan for dates and venues.


Great stuff !  Hellshaker will throw a releaseparty for "The contract" on the 9/4 at Rockbaren in Nyköping Sweden. More info about this event at :


Album cover photo for "The Contract" taken by Johan Klinthammar at www.jfkfoto.se. Photoshop artwork by Johan Gustafsson and Hellshaker. The album will be out, world wide for downloading via spotify/itunes 2016-04-01 !

Greetings fellow METALHEADS!  We are happy to announce that we´ve just signed a record-deal with the Swedish record label Rambo music. The record is now in for mixing / mastering and is intended to be released WORLD WIDE in march 2016.We are now planning    tourdates, and we  will launch our first gig for 2016, in January at Copperfields/Stockholm.We also  have the pleasure to announce that we´ve got a new drummer (Stefan Pettersson) in the band who is doing great  rehearsing all the songs.

More to come.


Allways keep an eye on the "tourdates."


Song and video - The Contract with Lucifer - 2015

Lyric video - To Live Another Day